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Precautions before writing JavaScript rich applications

Posted by Kiran Mova on July 19, 2007

JavaScript is a powerful language and one of the reasons that makes it powerful is that it allows creations of variables, objects or functions on the go. And yes, JavaScript is no longer used to just perform simple validations on the client side, but can be exploited to build highly interactive web UI applications. (There is hardly any web programmer who hasn’t heard of Ajax..)

Even though there are a lot of libraries available, every once in a while there is a need to create a private library either due to project specific needs or for the lack of knowledge of pre-existing libraries or the hassle of getting the licenses.

Before embarking on the journey to write thousands of lines of javascript, I think it is important to go through the information on these sites apart from learning the language from the books.

(a) JavaScript FAQ at

(b) JavaScript related entries by ppk at

This will save you the surprises when you finally reach a point where you are testing your JavaScript code for stress/scalability. After all the power of JavaScript is contained with the Browser and browser is yet another application that is limited by memory and performance. And yes, JavaScript code can produce memory leaks…


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DHTML Programming

Posted by Kiran Mova on June 29, 2007

I am currently reading Jeremy Keith’s Bulletproof Ajax and he says..

“There is a disturbing trend among “serious” programmers to treat markup as a low-level technology that should be abstracted away from the developer. I couldn’t disagree more.”

With the recent buzz about web 2.0 and rich internet client interfaces, it is time to re-align the view on programming with scripting languages and watch out for the wonders you can do with php, javascript, css, svg and html..


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