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What does a Research Job mean to a BE/BS Graduate?

Posted by Kiran Mova on March 27, 2007

Doing a Research Job. The picture that comes to my mind is of a technical expert who is solving the most complex problems. An expert in the field who is capable of providing advice to programmers/designers.

I spoke to a friend(who is doing Ph D in social networking topics) sometime back. He told me that he is presenting a paper at the weblogs and social media conference. There are other Ph D students from Europe and US as well..

I asked him what does holding a Ph D mean to do a Research Job?

“Engineering Research Job”, he said, “doesn’t involve a lot of reading. It is more about generating ideas, thinking through those ideas and proving them one way or the other. The reading that one has to do it to check on what others in the same field are doing and know about the latest advancements.”

He continued, “Being a Ph D holder, suggests that a person is capable of doing an research job. But having a Ph D is not enough, it is about what research papers have been published and how many have linked to these published papers.”

I got to thinking, can a non Ph D person like me do a research job? Given that I have the aptitude and the discipline to learn and stay focused on the topic of research, can I be an research person? Is it practical?

I am contractor, most of my work items and their priorities are defined by my Lead. Doing what he needs me to do is of course my top priority. Fortunately, the work items assigned to me are in the field of web which also happens to be my area of interest. So I am in a favourable situation here, to gain deeper understanding of the topics.

(Of course, next time I take up a new job, I should consider getting into a place that advances and provides a similar opportunity. If not, try to finish the job as early as possible and find a suitable place some where else.)

What I am good at is the technologies that are used to implement the web applications. So I am going to pick up more on these aspects for my research.

Update 04/08 : Check this advice to programmer by from Jermey Allison


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