Developer/Designer Notes

Developers can’t live on an island – Explore, Learn, Connect

Posted by Kiran Mova on March 21, 2007

It is obvious that no developer wants to live on an island. A developer has to get out and learn new things from time to time. Especially, with ever growing list of faster and better technologies and tools.

But I for one, had found myself living on an island. It was an startling discovery. How it happened? I got busy working on my previous web 2.0 project that all I did was think about the project and learn in great detail about xml/xslt. Occasionally get into a firefight with JavaScript or the C++ web server. Meeting deadlines, managing team members and answering the managers. Sure they kept me busy. I didn’t have time to realize I was confined in my own island.

The time that I needed for – exploring, learning and connecting was cut off.

Unlike my other habits- eating food and sleeping which my body made sure I did. Like food and sleep provide the energy and enthusiasm, exploring and learning stimulate the creativity and knowledge. Well, I guess I had my moment of realization.

Reading is my best tool to connect. So I am now subscribed to the magazines and forums that provide me the information I need. I explore once in a while to see for new channels of informations. I finally seem to connect to the world out there.


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