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CSS float property not working in Firefox (Or is it?)

Posted by Kiran Mova on March 15, 2007

I love Firefox, because it is web standards complaint. So I view my web-pages in Firefox and then move to IE for checking cross-browser issues.

Today I tried placing a float button within a div tag, and I noticed that the button was not contained within the Div tag. I am pretty sure I have the code right. But still, played around with various quirks and before I gave up, I wanted to see what IE displayed. To my surprise, it displayed just the way I wanted it. The Button was embedded within the Div tag.

This can’t be true!!

So I decided to learn more about floats, and understand what is going on. Eric Meyer. I am starting to depend on him for all my CSS questions. And he has this beautiful article explaining the philosophy of the float attribute. After reading, I just knew how much more reading I have to do.

I did find out that people have been talking about this issue.. Check this discussion.

If you read the above articles, you would know what a clear div means, here is another article which talks about alternatives to clear div

Well, I still love Firefox.

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