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Realigning my 40 hours at work

Posted by Kiran Mova on March 12, 2007

Heard about – “Is job driving your life or your life driving the job?”. At first glance I would answer life is more important and I wouldn’t like to spend all my time at the job. But it is more complex than that. If you are a computer geek like me, you probably enjoy spending more time at the computer. And if you are not very good at making the distinction between doing the job and doing what you like, you soon are going to get confused as to why you are spending so much time with computers. Is spending less time at work the answer?

The Four-Day Week Challenge – article tries to ponders on changing the rules like five day week to a four day week. This is not practical for everyone.  I followed through the discussion and some very interesting points came to light.
To summarize, one has to define a job culture that best suits his priorities. The sooner this is done, the more one can focus on important things in life. Of course the key is to ‘focus’.

Some of the myths that I had got busted like -‘To Do’ list for planning daily work items is effective.  After having tried it for several years now, I know it is not working. The amount of time spent in preparing those lists and the mess they make when I have to change them due to new priorities. For what it is worth, ‘To Do’ list does help to see what is still pending.

Another similar myth is that ‘multi-tasking’ is productive. Finishing a couple of tasks  is better than having several tasks almost complete.

It is discussed in detail at the article and I tend to agree that ‘there is always more work’, if we free up space it is going to be filled with more work. As someone in that discussion commented, it is best to fill that space with work that helps reach my goals.

I am a 40 hour per week guy. What seems to work for me is to spend at least 10 hours learning about tools to effectively do the job in the remaining 30 hours. I have made this my Job culture now. It helps me get my job done and at the same time enjoy what I learn from the new trends, languages… After those 40 hours I still have time to do what I like the best – spend time with family/friends, blog, read, and work on personal software projects.


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